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Or you can search for titles using the ISBN to ensure that you are quoted the correct buyback price on the specific book and edition that you are selling. So if you have a lot of books to sell, then this is really handy. If you like the offer, then you can ship your books to Textbook Recycling. Shipping is free, depending on the value of your order.

This is an interesting website that cuts out the middleman, allowing students to buy and sell textbooks directly from one another. Above, we mentioned that you often get the most money by selling books online, rather than in-person. Sometimes you might not want the hassle of having to ship your books to the buyback vendor or customer who purchased them online.

Just take your books to your nearest Half Price Books store. It only features stores in the Portland, Oregon area. So if you live nearby, you can sell your books to one of its stores. Just call them and ask if they buy books. If they do, then take them into the store, and make some money! Do a search online for local used bookstores and thrift stores near you , and contact a few of them about selling your books.

There are also book store directories you can use to find used book stores near you. Here are a few to get you started:. The site then will bring up all the book shops near you with their contact info and address. Try one of our best places to sell used books for cash online, and start making money from your unwanted books!

Thanks for this list of book buyback options. I use Chegg and Valore Books as well and think they are pretty good. Valore often has a highest offer guarantee which is nice. I think bigwords.

I had not heard of several listed here however so it is definitely helpful info! Thanks so much!

How to Avoid Getting Screwed During Textbook Buyback Season

You are very welcome Alison. I am really glad you find it helpful. Yes, Book Scouter is one of my favorite since it does the same thing as BigWords- comparing and letting you know which site pays the most for your books. Thanks Alison. Hey man great article I really liked it. I have also used Book Scouter in the past but recently I have been using Bonavendi.

It does the same thing as Book Scouter but you can also get a price comparison for your dvds, cds, and video games. Its worked really well for me in case anyone is looking for some additional options. I primarily use Bookscouter. They scour 50 or so vendors to generate the highest buy back offer. They also have a smartphone app that makes it very handy to use at library book sales or yard sales.

First off, most of the used book sites sort of cater to certain types of books; some are more general, while others lean towards educational, technical, or historical subjects. I have sold to Valore with mixed results. As mentioned above, they do have a very strict acceptance policy. Another vendor that is not listed above is Textbook.

How to Avoid Getting Screwed During Textbook Buyback Season | CASIT Blog

Textbook,com offers good prices and contrary to their name, they do purchase more than just textbooks. Their turn around time is pretty quick as well. One of the benefits of selling to them is they have a pretty liberal acceptance policy. Just a word of advise though. The offer you receive today may be reduced or non existent a couple of days later. If the offer is no longer available, put the book aside and try again in a week or so. If, after two or three tries there are still no offers — no one is interested in the book. In that case donate it them to your local library.

Great advice Todd. Thank you so much for taking time to share your experience. I am sure many will benefit from it.


Sure for you and some of us it may be a waste of time, but for many people, an extra few dollars for a book that was going to gather dust and never be used again, is better than nothing. Plus, you have to remember that every book has its own price. I am new to this and came across AbeBooks… my concern is not losing money on shipping.

How does BookScouter work for that? Do they offer free shipping? BookScouter basically searches over 40 sites like AbeBooks to find the ones that pay the most for the book you are trying to sell. I just went through my book room and did some weeding out because we need some extra money. Thank you so much!! It is most likely because there is no demand for them right now.

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Sometimes our system does not recognize the ISBN. Please send us an email if your book is the latest edition. However, it has to be a separate order. Please send us an email with the box and weight measurement. You will need to bring your invoice to the warehouse to avoid price adjustments. What conditions are not acceptable? We only purchase books that are in very good condition or better. The following conditions are not acceptable: Broken spine or binding. Download Now! Sell Faster! I just hope the mall will last.

Yusuf al-Aboud from Syria has lived in Sweden for two years and works as a handyman in the ReTuna furniture store.

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Inside the warehouse, the recycling bags whirr through a maze of conveyor belts, passing camera points which recognise their different colours and then swat them off the line accordingly. The result is a seamless trash-maze that allows five people to process 20, tonnes of waste a year. As well as simply sorting the waste, food waste is composted at Lilla Nyby and sold back to residents.

In a small, humid shed behind the warehouse, an Uppsala University research project is taking place. They are testing the use of maggot larvae to digest food waste, then using the fattened maggots to feed to livestock, and potentially even humans. The worm has turned. Sorting your household rubbish into seven different categories may sound like a step too far, yet the residents of Eskilstuna, it seems, have become waste aficionados. This might be because to opt out of the multicoloured scheme means doubling the yearly household waste disposal fee of 2, kronor. Yet, for new parents Caroline and Marlin Sommerlid, the recycling scheme is a moral obligation.